Our History

The Aeski story started with Adolfo Cittadini's infatuation with snow skiing. He was the Managing Director and owner of Applied Engineering P/L, which started in Box Hill in the 60's and then grew to a large engineering company and eventually moving to Bayswater.

Adolfo was a late starter at the sport, but his love for skiing was infectious. Even though he broke both of his legs in subsequent seasons whilst learning to ski, he eventually managed to become a very accomplished skier and traveled the world chasing the snow.

His main base was Mt Buller and in those early days he rented apartments on the mountain for the complete season to accommodate his family, which included his wife Rina and his 3 boys, Albert, Tony and Alex. During that period he was very generous in allowing friends and his employees to use these facilities which started a snow skiing fraternity within his company.

Adolfo had a desire to build his own personal lodge on the mountain and when 3 sites became available for tender in 1975, he decided to put in a submission for development. The original lodge designs were prepared and executed by Applied Engineering staff and seeing they were judged as the best submission by the Resorts commission, he was given the choice of sites. He selected Goal Post Road being the best and closest to the village; the only condition was that it had to be developed as a club lodge. 

Officially being formed in 1976, the A.E. Ski Club and A.E Co-operative LTD began. Many names were bandied around for the Lodge, but eventually it was decided to just call it Aeski Lodge in the tradition of Applied Engineering P/L.

It was decided to set the limit at 40 members, with all the original members being staff of Applied Engineering. This then extended to their friends and eventually, friends of friends who quickly made up the numbers. At that time most of the members were aged around 40 with young families, many had not skied before and it was a very exciting time. 

The construction of the lodge started in 1976 and although there were sub-contractors who performed the major construction works, the members stayed in neighbouring lodges and provided voluntary labour every weekend  to assist in the construction right up to completion in June 1977. During that period the construction schedules were prepared and materials were ordered through Applied's engineering staff in Bayswater; by namely John Selkirk, Ken Birket and Jim Scash. Additionally electrical works were completed by Barry Smith and the hot water heating system by Albert Cittadini.    

After many years of happy times and a very successful Lodge operation, the young families grew older and children became adults. In 1991 the committee decided to double the membership, to allow members to buy full shares for their children. Many took advantage of this and some took up multiple shares, but the total number of shareholders has remained capped at 80 members. Since then, many shares have changed hands as many of our founding members have retired from the skiing scene.

As time progressed and the lodge thrived, renovations were undergone, from mezzanine floors, to the extension of the main lounge over the balcony and the addition of room 9. The club is forever improving and updating the lodge facilities, most of all these projects and extensions were done by the members themselves.

Over time, minor maintenance and upgrades have occurred behind the scenes however more recently we have seen the dramatic upgrade to the bedrooms, Television room and members lockers facilities and now the Aeski identity and image is being refreshed into a more contemporary look.  

It is through nothing but the sheer determination of those active and keen members that have made Aeski lodge what it is today. Aeski Lodge prides itself on being a lodge run for members and their families, who will forever remain at the heart of Aeski, Mt Buller. 

Aeski Lodge Mt Buller

Aeski Lodge Mt Buller


Founding Members:

Adolfo Cittadini
John Selkirk
Bruce Murray
Ken Birkett
Jim Scash
Eric Angus
Keith Sherwood
Ursula Brodie
Barry Smith
Tony White
Ian Denning
Albert Cittadini
Tony Cittadini
Alex Cittadini

Original Members:

Max Bruce
Charle Prusa
Ruba Sustek
Heinz Greilach
Terry Garner
Wally Gough
John Khedouri
Michael Anderson
George Bloomfield
Peter Kolsky
Thomas Tully
John Mitchell
Robin Daley

Mac Zeman
Paul Quinn
Roy Fankhauser
Ron Stiener
Mirek Szychowski
Robin Smith
Ben Brown
Paul Brach
Fred Frei
Jim Scott
Rene Ivanov
Barry Jarman
George Hazalek